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Own Global Patents in US, China and HK registered patents for flexible and transparent LED combination display at home and abroad, which is fashionable, Starting from trading-service, SuiRich turned out to a company with 19 years of experience in the LED industry.

SuiRich founder – Ronald Yuen had shown his reflexible sensitivity to catch the foreseeable great demands of energy-saving products. Since the establishment of patented MagicFlex® and TransFlex®, the first flexible LED tiles in the world, SuiRich strives on endless innovation and bravery in the face of challenges and frustrations, in order to develop the thinnest and lightest bendable LED soft screen on the market…….


中美註冊專利戶內外柔性透明LED組合顯示屏,時尚, 高可塑性,適合各類型 不同主題商場,餐飲,展館, 酒店,娛樂場所,舞台天幕,家居裝修,住宅 樓盤展 銷,建築物廣告牌,演藝表演,活動推廣用途,專業團 隊設計高效方 案及宣傳顯示內容,誠意滿足各尊貴客 戶的各種不同需要。

Why choose us?

Fine picture quality

SuiRich's LED display can be seamlessly spliced, with high resolution, and the curved screen display is full of three-dimensionality

Any scope applies

Traditional LED display is only suitable for outdoor long-distance viewing, SuiRich LED screen area can be adjusted arbitrarily, indoor and outdoor are suitable for setting

Best picture effect

The latest LED has a wide viewing angle, can reach different shapes, and the curved screen has a gorgeous and unique display effect, which impacts the vision

Simple installation

The latest LED has a wide viewing angle and can reach different shapes, The beautiful and unique display effect of the curved screen impacts the vision

Any space

SuiLED can customize the size and shape freely, and the space for placing is unlimited

Our Case

SuiRich has successfully organized a number of events and exhibitions in cooperation with more than 50 companies, with a total display time of more than 13,000 hours