Seamless integration of reality and virtual world


Breaking the application limitation of traditional LED lights that can only have visual effects, 4K resolution and 7 kinds of sensory experience enjoyment, thin and bendable.

Seamlessly merges the real world with virtual but touchable object.

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This volume of professional technical products was launched in early 2019. It proposes solutions for commercial customers with up to 90% transparent glass curtains, and also improves the value of high-rise glass curtains in commercial areas. Its absolute weight is half that of ordinary LED screens, which greatly saves transportation and installation costs; the thickness of the screen is 2mm, and it can be installed quickly with only the tape; high brightness, waterproof and UV protection, design suitable for indoor and outdoor use; bendable/foldable Into any shape. During this year, I was fortunate to be awarded the Geneva International Exhibition Gold and Hong Kong Industry and Commerce: Equipment and Machinery Design Excellence Design.

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