Own Global Patents in US, China and HK

Starting from trading-service, SuiRich turned out to a company with 19 years of experience in the LED industry.  SuiRich founder – Ronald Yuen had shown his reflexible sensitivity to catch the foreseeable great demands of energy-saving products. Since the establishment of patented MagicFlex® and TransFlex®, the first flexible LED tiles in the world, SuiRich strives on endless innovation and bravery in the face of challenges and frustrations, in order to develop the thinnest and lightest bendable LED soft screen on the market…….

SuiRich‘s factory adopts advanced automatic machine for flexible LED module production.

P1.25 4K flexible LED screen testing in factory


  • 3D Visual Car Display
  • P6.5 TransFlex®(85%transparent)
  • Description: TransFlex® is not only currently one of the slimmest and lightest tiles on the market, but also acquire high transparency capability. Features in  thickness smaller than 2 mm and weight ½ lighter than ordinary LED screen saves heavily the shipping and installation cost. With the characteristics of waterproof, tailor-made, 6000 nits in brightness, and installation via sole adhesive tapes, it is best suited to glass advertisement, regardless the sunlight affection towards the contents. 
  • The Earth, Chancheng, Foshan (2018)
  • P6 MagicFlex®
  • Description: MagicFlex® is currently one of the slimmest and lightest tiles on the market. its magnetic system installation kicks away tremendous installation processes. In addition that the ability to bend, tailor-made contribute towards personalized customization services. So early this product had been awarded as “Innovation Award”Union Innovation of Chinese Enterprises 2009″ and “2011 Hong Kong Awards for Industries Technological Achievement Certificate of Merit”. 
  • Digital Controller Cinema
  • CurveMax® (P2 MagicFlex®)
  • Description: CurveMax® is the extension of MagicFlex® series, which aims to achieve greater visual impact and replace I Max. It bends and construct in different angels e.g. sky-curtain. Owing to magnetic installation technology, it could save money and time in terms of installation. By offering the 4D and 8K HD resolution screen, it definitely sharpens the unique and invaluable audience experience. 
  • SuiDining Project
  • SuiCave®(3D) Screen (P2.5 MagicFlex®)
  • Decription: It is also one of the extension of MagicFlex®, in the aim of going beyond the traditional LED constraints on sole visual experience. The entire environment is surrounded a great amount of MagicFlex®, in addition that the 4D resolution visions seamlessly merges the real world with virtual but touchable object. Customers can enjoy its 7 sensational activities during activities e.g. dinner in a balloon, and VR shooting game.