Starting from trading-service, SuiRich turned out to a company with 16 years of experience in the LED industry. Our founder – Ronald Yuen had shown his  reflexible sensitivity to catch the forecastable great demands of energy-saving products. Since the establishment of patented MagicFlex® and TransFlex®, the first flexible LED tiles in the world, SuiRich strives on endless innovation and bravery in the face of challenges and frustrations, in order to develop the thinnest and lightest bendable LED soft screen on the market.

As a quality conscious and service oriented company, the long-established reputation and reliable service gain SuiRich renown and support in the LED industry. Today, SuiRich has evolved into an all-rounded LED display specialist with competencies in providing personalized customization services for business partners.

The story of SuiRich has also been captured by Hong Kong Science Park (https://hkstp-web-frontend-www.azurewebsites.net/zh-hk/our-stories/partner-companies-stories/success-stories/suirich-flex/)

The FIRST Hongkonger showcased flexible LED screen and won innovation award: London Plaza in 2008. 


THREE Approaches:

  1. Attracting the eye-ball of consumers,
  2. Creating a unique and unforgettable visual impact, and
  3. leading the industry in innovation and development.

Introduction of our Founder- Ronald Yuen

Ronald Yuen – Founder of SuiRich Flex Limited

  • China Outstanding Innovative Entrepreneurer 2009
  • Innovative China Enterprise Alliance Director
  • China’s Regional Economic Top 100 Innovative Character
  • Top Ten Brand Enterprises in China’s Lighting Industry
  • Senior Researcher in China International Economic Development Research Center
  • National Industrial Excellent Talents Charter & Consultation Experts
  • Top100 Revolution & innovation Role Model 2009 in China International Economic Development Research Center
  • Icon of Unremarkable Contributions to China’s Economic Construction
  • Asia Pacific Leadership Award 2019- Asian College of Knowledge Management

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